Webdriver Advanced usage tutorial

In this post i talk about the more complex usages of WedDriver which you will inevitably have to face when creating automated tests. If you are new to webdriver i would recommend reading my webdriver basics tutorial first which can be found here

The topics i’m going to discuss are:

– staleElementException explained

– waiting for elements to appear on the page

– testing pages which involve AJAX

StaleElementException explained

Sooner or later you’re going to come across this webdriver exception when you are using driver.findBy() or using WebElement to perform some function on the page. So what does this actually mean ? So this exception is thrown when you are trying to do something on the page which has already changed state since your previous webdriver command. An example of this could be grabbing the items in a dropdown box and then trying to click on one of these items when the dropdown is no longer on the page (either because webdriver has navigated to another page or that item is no longer in the list)

So how can you avoid this? The techniques below will help reduce the likelihood of this occurring. One quick fix is to grab a new instance of the page when the exception is thrown in your tests where this happens often. This means that you have got the ‘most current’ state of the webpage. This should highlight whether or not you should be waiting for other actions to complete on the page first.

Waiting For Elements To Appear On The Page

Another common exception you will face is ElementNotFoundException. This is where webDriver cannot find the element you are looking for even though you know it’s on the page.  This happens because webDriver is not waiting for the element to appear on the page and has received a Dom complete operation from the page. This can happen when you are trying to find elements on the page which involve Javascript. The solution to this problem is to use a polling mechanism on these elements. The code below will continually poll the page every 500ms for 30 seconds waiting for an element to displayed.  This gives enough time for all of the Javascript to complete on the page. As soon as the element appears, the method will return.

public static ListwaitUntilPageLoadedListWebElements(WebDriver driver, By by) {
int pollCount=0;
while (pollCount<sleeptimeout) {
List<WebElement> elements =driver.findElements(by);
if(elements.size()>1 ) {
return elements=driver.findElements(by);
}catch (Exception e) {
System.out.println(“waiting for element”);
return null;

The above code will continually poll for an element to be present until the timeout is reached or the element is found. I’ve passed in a ‘By’ as a parameter which means that you could find by id, find by linktext, classname etc

Testing Pages Which Involve AJAX

Webdriver has no idea when AJAX has completed so could return a documentReady state when AJAX is still progressing on the page. An example of this could be that documentReady has been returned but AJAX on the page is still adding and removing elements on the page. This can lead to both elementNotFound and staleElement exceptions thrown by webDriver. One solution to this problem is to insert a custom element into the dom and wait for it to be removed by AJAX. This will let you know that AJAX has finished updating the page and has removed your custom element

WebDriver driver;

JavascriptExecutor js = (JavascriptExecutor) driver;

js.executeScript(“document.getElementById(‘myDiv’).appendChild(document.createTextNode(‘ WaitForAJax’))”) //code to add custom element to the DOM

private void verifyAJaxCompleted() throws Exception{
int sleeptimeout=30000;
int pollCount=0;
while (pollCount<sleeptimeout) {
WebElement element =driver.findElement(By.id(“search-gen-res”));
if(element.getText().contains(“WaitForAjax”) ) {
System.out.println(“waiting for AJax To Complete”);;
}else {
throw new Exception(“Ajax Update Did not Complete Within 30s”);

so the code above creates a custom txt element to the node “search-gen-res”. The method waitForAjax method will return one the custom element is no longer present. If the element did not get removed from the page during the AJAX request then an exception is thrown


This arcticle touches on some of the more advanced features of webdriver when using feature rich webpages and explains how to avoid staleElementExceptions


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