Ignorance is not bliss when it comes to your build pipeline

So I get asked every now and then “who needs to know how the build pipeline works?” The answer is “everyone”. Ignorance in this area can be costly in terms of time for your build pipeline. Without knowing how it works means the mentality of “it’s always done that, not sure why” sets in and then people become afraid of changing it.

A classic example happened on the project I’m working on. The team hadn’t looked at the build pipeline in a long time. So they didn’t know that their build and package stage was checking out the whole repository into Teamcity every time a commit was made, as opposed to only checking out the updated files. This one modification knocked off 4 minutes from every build. Now I know that doesn’t sound much but the saving does add up:

  • 5 commits per day (average) 20 minutes
  • Time saved per week: 1hr 20 minutes
  • Time saved per month: 5.3 hrs
  • Time saved per year: 64 hours!


So why not take a look through your build configuration today. You never know what you might find there.